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With over 10 years of experience in the culinary industry, Chef Aaron has worked his way up from washing dishes to running a kitchen.


He began his career at a fast-paced restaurant, where he earned the role of Sous Chef under a highly trained celebrity chef. After leaving to further his career, Aaron worked in different restaurants and learned various techniques and cuisines.


In 2017, he graduated from Laney College in Oakland

with a degree in Restaurant Management.



After culinary school, Aaron and his fiancee, Leida, were inspired to start their own food business. They created MexiQ. They felt it was a perfect blend of their two cultures and experiences, growing up in East Oakland. 

Where they still live now.

''We feel that MexiQ represents our cultures, our experiences, our friends and our family. MexiQ is authentic as the cultures that brought us together."

-Aaron & Leida-


MexiQ is a one-of-a-kind fusion. It combines the BBQ taste of smoked meats and traditional Mexican dishes.


All of our meats are hand-smoked for hours with hickory and apple wood. Then infused with authentic

Mexican flavors. 


We define MexiQ as a blend of cultures rooted deep in East Oakland!l 

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